Friday, August 17, 2012

Hard to Deal with Hard Water

A review of Easy Water's no-chemical water softener.

Hard water is common problem affecting homes using city water or well water.  High mineral content in water can cause problems in your home, and some studies have shown a possible link to health problems. Your home’s plumbing can be clogged and damaged over time due to mineral accumulation, and nobody likes to deal with the pesky soap scum that it causes.  A company called Easy Water developed a possible solution for hard water, a variety of no-maintenance-required products designed to reverse the effects of hard water.  However, since some have found no success in the water softening promised by Easy Water, complaints have arisen from skeptics.

Source of Easy Water complaints

Most Easy Water complaints come from former buyers who have found that the company’s product did nothing to reverse the effects of hard water on their home’s water supply.  This has become a particularly contentious point considering how important reducing hard water can be in a household.  Several customers feel as though they entrusted Easy Water with protecting their property as well as keeping toxins from their drinking water, and were mislead.  Several plumbers have also voiced their skepticism to Easy Water’s promises, noting that hard water build up in pipes hasn’t been solved by Easy Water’s products.

What does Easy Water do?

Easy water offers a solution to hard water that doesn’t involve putting chemicals into your water system.  The most instrumental product offered for this is the no-salt conditioner, which removes the hard-water particles with electro-magnetism and keeps pipes clean, saving the buyer money and the hassle that comes with other water softeners that require more effort from the homeowner.  The product, as well as several other Easy Water products, is supposedly maintenance- free.  Easy Water complaints have voiced customers’ unhappiness with the results.

Easy Water complaints from skeptics

Several skeptics and easy water users have found that the products that are supposed to miraculously reverse the problems presented by hard water are simply a sham design to lure in unsuspecting buyers.  Some easy water complaints have pointed to the product as a sort of placebo.  The manufacturer tells the buyer that all he needs to do is set this product in the water system and sit back while it magically removes unwanted minerals and toxins from the water system.  Because the buyer has seen it on TV and trusts the manufacturer, he throws money at Easy Water and sits back while nothing happens.  

Are Easy Water complaints valid?

You’ll be hard pressed to find many sources supporting the claims that easy water makes.  Complaint after complaint has been recorded claiming that the installation of devices such as the Easy Water no-salt conditioner not only doesn’t solve the problem of hard water, but also makes a home water system more susceptible to its damaging effects.  However, there are some who believe Easy Water to be a tried and true method of water softening, claiming that it resolves some of the side effects of other water softeners such as the slimy feel of the water when using salt.

Easy Water's promotional video:

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